DiCosta Temps Inc.

Supplying a Temporary Workforce

About DiCosta Temps Inc.


DiCosta Temps specializes in supplying temporary and temp-to-perm staffing.


We strive to meet our employers' demands in a timely fashion and offer an unmatchable quality of service.


We strive to maintain affordable wages for our clients.


Our organization is committed to our mission while insuring social responsibility for our stakeholders.


DiCosta offers a quality workforce at an affordable price. Our employees are properly trained and posses positive attitudes. Their appearance is enhanced over our competitors. Our employees dress in proper attire and reach their destinations on time. Their hygiene is emphasized and enforced. The presence and the service of our employees is beneficial to our clients image and their service.


DiCosta screens, trains and selects workers for your specific needs.  Additionally, we drug test, conduct background checks, monitor attendance and manage turnover.


We at DiCosta handle the entire hiring process for you!


Use our workers prior to making a hiring commitment - - Determine competency before adding our employees to your permanent payroll.  Eliminate classified ads and agency fees.


We are fully Bonded and carry our own Liability Insurances.


For more information, please call John DiMatteo at 610-388-7125 or email John_DiMatteo@yahoo.com